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Bioconstruction project: Step 2 of Kitchen Building

Vidas y Suenos

Second step of our Kitchen building for Bioconstruction project in the community of Lobera Peras

We contiue our second stage of bioconstruction of the kitchen with the wattle and daub technique which was done in 5 steps.

Step 1: The clay is prepared by making a paste of earth mixed with some natural fibers such as pine resin or wood shavings (sawdust).

Step 2: We continue applying the mud on the reed structure.

Step 3: The participation of the children has been very important because we are transmitting to the next generation the values of sustainable architecture and community work.

Step 4: In order to save material, bottles and plastic cans are used to save material.

Step 5: Stones, bricks and even glass bottles are used as skylights.

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