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In October 2022, we initiated the “Transverse Communities Project”, which seeks to integrate the communities of San Miguel Peras, Yaxe, San Antonio las Casas and the Anáhuac neighborhood in a transdisciplinary and sustainable manner with the objective of rooting an identity for each community and at the same time share certain cultural traits that will generate economic income from what each one produces.

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Transversal Communities Project

Yaxe lacks piped-in water and the region is susceptible to drought, though summer rainfall is usually plentiful. Villagers have traditionally had to trek long distances for water or rely on small amounts that they could save themselves.
We have begun our project with massive on-the-ground effort to install 50 water tanks  throughout the village to capture summer rainwater that would otherwise go to waste. The results have been transformative for the village of 3,000 people, who can now grow extra crops and enjoy safer and more plentiful drinking water.

Rainwater Harvesting Project

La Lobera Bioconstruction Project

The objective is to put into practice the knowledge acquired in the bioconstruction workshop given on May 14, 2022, to the coordinators of the "Nino a Nino" Program and benefit a low-income family in the community of "Lobera Peras".

With the elaboration of this prototype we also seek to revive this construction technique in the communities to strengthen sustainable development.

Nino a Nino

Training of children is key to the success of the program with our own methodology which allows them to identify and study their real situation in their families and communities to understand critical issues and propose alternative solutions.

Orientation and educational programs are implemented related to cultural and artistic activities. These programs are important for children full development (Playing and learning). Therefore they can be sensible to real life situations and help them to prevent problems.

The programs are based on recognized methodologies for girls, boys and teen-agers in vulnerable conditions. Our goal is to improve their personal skills for a successful life.

Wheelchair Donations

Working with sponsors we are able to provide a wheelchair to people who suffer from a degenerative disease and do not have the necessary resources to acquire one in the regions of San Miguel Peras, Pensamiento Liberal Mexicano y San Antonio Las Casas Zoquitlán.


We thank Chair The Love for their contribution of the wheelchairs.

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