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Meet Our Team

The Faces of Our Organization


Martín Mijangos Ríos

Director of Training

Since the age of 8 years old Martin, through his father learned the art of blacksmithing, carpentry, plumbing, and electricity. He graduated as an architect and an econologist.


From 2000 to 2020 he worked as a pedagogical director in an educational organization dedicated to educational trips to different parts of the country where he developed trans-disciplinary pedagogical programs which were applied with students, from elementary to professional level in the disciplines of art, architecture, history, cultural heritage, biology, environmental education, community development, social service, etc.


He has collaborated with deputies designing and applying training programs to groups of people in communities, such as bioarchitecture, rescue of traditions, legends, promotion of cultural values to women and children.


He has also dedicated himself to cultural diffusion through local newspapers, through the Secretary of Cultures and Arts of the State of Oaxaca. In 2020 Martin taught the Nutrition and Embroidery course. Martin joined Vidas y Suenos on September 13th 2020 and was appointed Director of Training in 2022.

L.D. Andrea Ortiz García.jpeg

Andrea Ortiz García

Local Coordinators

The Coordinators listed, support us in the logistics when we carry out the workshops, courses, projects or some other activity that we do in their communities, they do it with pleasure and do not receive compensation for their help, we only give them in kind a little more than what we give to the other beneficiaries.


Maria Alodia Cruz Luis - Municipality of San Miguel Peras, Zaachila


Carmelita Luis Martínez - Municipal Agency of Pensamiento Liberal Mexicano, San Miguel Peras.


Anabel Ramírez Cruz and Florencia López Flores - Rural Center of La Lobera, San Miguel Peras.


Graciela Ramírez Soria - Municipal Agency of El Temascal, San Miguel Peras.


Catalina López Luis - San Nicolás Yaxe, Ocotlán.


Casilda Gómez Martínez - Tenencia Municipal de San Antonio Las Casas, Santa María Zoquitlán, Tlacolula.

Andrea originally from Oaxaca, Mexico. She holds a B.S. Licenciada en Derecho.
Universidad Nacionalista México, and an M.S.Derecho Constitucional y Amparo.
Universidad Nacionalista Mexico.

In August 2017 began collaborating as volunteer with Niño a Niño program with
Vidas y Sueños AC working with communities and programs, as January 2018 she
enjoyed the Association as staff, 2020 she took the position for Director of Vidas y
Sueños AC until today.

The best gift I had received is touching lives, teaching high school students,
and help and teach most vulnerable people. The Association is the best place to
work helping others and continue with the legacy of the founders.

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