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Bioconstruction project: Step 1 of Kitchen Building

Derek Wells

Starting our Kitchen building for Bioconstruction project in the community of Lobera Peras

The objective is to put into practice the knowledge acquired in the bioconstruction workshop given on May 14, 2022, to the coordinators of the Child to Child Program and benefit a low-income family in the community of Lobera Peras. With the elaboration of this prototype we also seek to revive this construction technique in the communities to strengthen sustainable development.

Step 1. Layout and measurement of the kitchen area.

Step 2. Excavation to bury the poles

Step 3. Placement of wood and reed strips.

Step 4. They are placed at a separation of between 8 and 10 cms. maximum.

Step 5. Preparation of the mixture of earth, sarcina and sand to make the mud.

Step 6. Placement of the mud.

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