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  • Rainwater Harvesting Project: Home visits of potential beneficiaries

    < Back Rainwater Harvesting Project: Home visits of potential beneficiaries Vidas y Suenos ​ We visited people living in high marginalization in the community of Yaxe, in order to select the beneficiaries of the rainwater harvesting systems. Objective: To provide 30 families with a 5,000 liter water tank to help reduce the lack of water and capture rainwater for multiple uses. We visited people living in high marginalization in the community of Yaxe, in order to select the beneficiaries of the rainwater harvesting systems. During the home visits, we became aware of the pressing needs of the families in terms of health, housing, clean water and sanitation. We visited the homes of the 52 people who are listed as possible candidates to benefit from the project as only 30 families will benefit from the project at this stage. and are giving priority to people who are ill or have physical limitations. We want to thank Isla Urbana's company who will be supervising and measuring the space where the equipment will be installed. #ApoyandoMexico #helpinghands #comunidad #helpingmexico #oaxacamexico #communityservice #givingbackfeelsgood #yaxeoaxaca #lascasasoaxaca #anahuacoaxaca #sanmiguelperasoaxaca #mexico #ayudandoméxico #vidasysueños #Oaxaca #comunidad #PuebloMexicano #donations #nonprofit #charity #abettertomorrow #simplifybrandingmarketing Previous Next

  • Transversal Communities: Stage 2 of Embroidery Course

    < Back Transversal Communities: Stage 2 of Embroidery Course Vidas y Suenos ​ We conducted our second stage of our embroidery course where we will improve our designs from first session. This past weekend we began the second stage of our embroidery course in San Antonio Las Casas. This time with the improvement of the pencil designs. Among the new designs is the Cicada, a common insect in Las Casas during the hottest season, between March and June. In this stage of innovation, the beneficiaries learned to apply textile paint to their napkins. Thus, the elaboration can include the mixed technique of embroidery and painting. At the end of the course, some of the beneficiaries presented their textile drawings. #ApoyandoMexico #helpinghands #comunidad #helpingmexico #oaxacamexico #communityservice #givingbackfeelsgood #yaxeoaxaca #lascasasoaxaca #anahuacoaxaca #sanmiguelperasoaxaca #mexico #ayudandoméxico #vidasysueños #Oaxaca #comunidad #PuebloMexicano #donations #nonprofit #charity #abettertomorrow #simplifybrandingmarketing Previous Next

  • Meeting with Authorities of the 6 Municipal Agencies

    < Back Meeting with Authorities of the 6 Municipal Agencies Vidas y Suennos ​ Meeting with Authorities of the 6 Municipal Agencies This week we had meeting with the authorities of the 6 Municipal Agencies, Rural Nuclei and the Municipal Head of San Miguel Peras, where we presented out the work plan for the programs to be carried out in their communities. We also brought donations that were received at the offices during the month of February, which will be donated to the theses communities. Soon we will be informing you when we begin these programs and projects, that will benefit children, adolescents and adults of the communities that make up these municipality. #ApoyandoMexico #helpinghands #comunidad #helpingmexico #oaxacamexico #communityservice #givingbackfeelsgood #yaxeoaxaca #lascasasoaxaca #anahuacoaxaca #sanmiguelperasoaxaca #mexico #ayudandoméxico #vidasysueños #Oaxaca #comunidad #PuebloMexicano #donations #nonprofit #charity #abettertomorrow #simplifybrandingmarketing Previous Next

  • Transversal Communities: Stage 1 of Embroidery Course

    < Back Transversal Communities: Stage 1 of Embroidery Course Vidas Suenos ​ First stage of embroidery course in creating new design. The objective of this embroidery course is to consolidate the handicraft activity through the creation of new designs to create identity. It was broken down into 3 sessions: Session 1: In this first session of the course, a tour of the community was made to observe the plants and their surroundings, since the intention is to embroider napkins with original designs from their community. Session 2: In this second session we made the selection and improvement of original designs, making the first tests, and a sewing machine was delivered, which was donated by the CENTRO MARIA DE GUADALUPE, CRECEMOS DIJO, on August 4, which will be used to finish the edges of the napkins and for the sewing course that will be taught later. Session 3: In this third session the mothers made the final details to the original designs of the napkins, with this course we started the first sketches, which will be perfected with the second stage of the course to be held next year. #ApoyandoMexico #helpinghands #comunidad #helpingmexico #oaxacamexico #communityservice #givingbackfeelsgood #yaxeoaxaca #lascasasoaxaca #anahuacoaxaca #sanmiguelperasoaxaca #mexico #ayudandoméxico #vidasysueños #Oaxaca #comunidad #PuebloMexicano #donations #nonprofit #charity #abettertomorrow #simplifybrandingmarketing Previous Next

  • 2023 Projects and Goals

    < Back 2023 Projects and Goals Vidas y Suenos ​ “Comunidades Transversales” project. We want to highlight what is planned for this year as we continue Integrate the communities As we prepare to continue working on our “Comunidades Transversales” project. We want to highlight what is planned for this year as we continue Integrate the communities of San Miguel Peras, Yaxe and San Antonio Las Casas in a transdisciplinary and sustainable way to root in them an identity of their own in each community and at the same time share their cultural traits in order to generate economic income from what each one produces. We have many workshops and activities planned for 2023: Workshops: - SEWING- EMBROIDERY AND TEXTILE PAINTING- ITINERANT WRITERS- THEATER: LEGENDS OF MY TOWN- WORKSHOP FOR THE ELABORATION OF PUPPETS MADE WITH A SEWING MACHINE.- HERBALIST- NIÑO A NIÑO TOY LIBRARY Activites: - PITAHAYA REFORESTATION- POCHOTE COTTON HARVESTING- ALEBRIJES AND ARTISANAL MEZCAL PROMOTION- BIOCONSTRUCTION: DONATION OF LAMINATING ROOFING SHEETS. There workshops and activities are planned for the following communities: - SAN MIGUEL PERAS Y COMUNIDADES - YAXE - LAS CASAS - COLONIA ANÁHUAC Stay tuned for updates on these projects and how you can help as we continue to help the local communities. #ApoyandoMexico #helpinghands #comunidad #helpingmexico #oaxacamexico #communityservice #givingbackfeelsgood #yaxeoaxaca #lascasasoaxaca #anahuacoaxaca #sanmiguelperasoaxaca #mexico #ayudandoméxico #vidasysueños #Oaxaca #comunidad #PuebloMexicano #donations #nonprofit #charity #abettertomorrow Previous Next

  • Our Team | Vidas Y Suenos

    Meet Our Team The Faces of Our Organization Martín Mijangos Ríos Director of Training Since the age of 8 years old Martin, through his father learned the art of blacksmithing, carpentry, plumbing, and electricity. He graduated as an architect and an econologist. From 2000 to 2020 he worked as a pedagogical director in an educational organization dedicated to educational trips to different parts of the country where he developed trans-disciplinary pedagogical programs which were applied with students, from elementary to professional level in the disciplines of art, architecture, history, cultural heritage, biology, environmental education, community development, social service, etc. He has collaborated with deputies designing and applying training programs to groups of people in communities, such as bioarchitecture, rescue of traditions, legends, promotion of cultural values to women and children. He has also dedicated himself to cultural diffusion through local newspapers, through the Secretary of Cultures and Arts of the State of Oaxaca. In 2020 Martin taught the Nutrition and Embroidery course. Martin joined Vidas y Suenos on September 13th 2020 and was appointed Director of Training in 2022. Andrea Ortiz García Local Coordinators The Coordinators listed, support us in the logistics when we carry out the workshops, courses, projects or some other activity that we do in their communities, they do it with pleasure and do not receive compensation for their help, we only give them in kind a little more than what we give to the other beneficiaries. Maria Alodia Cruz Luis - Municipality of San Miguel Peras, Zaachila Carmelita Luis Martínez - Municipal Agency of Pensamiento Liberal Mexicano, San Miguel Peras. Anabel Ramírez Cruz and Florencia López Flores - Rural Center of La Lobera, San Miguel Peras. Graciela Ramírez Soria - Municipal Agency of El Temascal, San Miguel Peras. Catalina López Luis - San Nicolás Yaxe, Ocotlán. Casilda Gómez Martínez - Tenencia Municipal de San Antonio Las Casas, Santa María Zoquitlán, Tlacolula. Andrea originally from Oaxaca, Mexico. She holds a B.S. Licenciada en Derecho. Universidad Nacionalista México, and an M.S.Derecho Constitucional y Amparo. Universidad Nacionalista Mexico. In August 2017 began collaborating as volunteer with Niño a Niño program with Vidas y Sueños AC working with communities and programs, as January 2018 she enjoyed the Association as staff, 2020 she took the position for Director of Vidas y Sueños AC until today. The best gift I had received is touching lives, teaching high school students, and help and teach most vulnerable people. The Association is the best place to work helping others and continue with the legacy of the founders.

  • About Us | Vidas Y Suenos

    About Us "Creating Meaningful Impact" The Association of "Vidas y Sueños" begins way back in April, 1997 as the “Asociación Civil Niño a Niño”, a non-profit organization, with the main purpose to improving the conditions of indigenous children through programs promoting good nutrition and healthly habits. In 2018, Asociación Civil Niño a Niño became “Vidas y Sueños”, This time expanding the scope of services to families living in vulnerable rural communities, by implementing sustainability programs with the implementation of workshops that teaches families the right skills to exploit local resources into economic generators of family income; such as herbs in the form of ointments, shampoos, soaps, tinctures; pochote plants into pillows and clothing. These products can be sold at local markets generating income for their families. In addition, the installment of rain harvesting systems is providing families with their own water to meet their personal needs and plant gardens Communites Involved The communities that benefit from "Vidas y Sueños" are found through out the state of Oaxaca. Our programs are tailored to benefit each age group in the communities, from children and parents through the elderly. ​ The Local Communities: Municipio de San Miguel Peras Agencia Municipal de Pensamiento Liberal Mexicano Agencia Municipal de El Temascal Agencia de Policía de La Brujería Núcleo Rural de la Lobera Núcleo Rural de El Manzanito Agencia Municipal de Soledad Peras San Nicolás Yaxé Ocotlán San Antonio las Casas, Zoquitlán Colonia Anáhuac, Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán

  • Projects | Vidas Y Suenos

    In October 2022, we initiated the “Transverse Communities Project”, which seeks to integrate the communities of San Miguel Peras, Yaxe, San Antonio las Casas and the Anáhuac neighborhood in a transdisciplinary and sustainable manner with the objective of rooting an identity for each community and at the same time share certain cultural traits that will generate economic income from what each one produces. (Click here for more detailed information) Transversal Communities Project Yaxe lacks piped-in water and the region is susceptible to drought, though summer rainfall is usually plentiful. Villagers have traditionally had to trek long distances for water or rely on small amounts that they could save themselves. We have begun our project with massive on-the-ground effort to install 50 water tanks throughout the village to capture summer rainwater that would otherwise go to waste. The results have been transformative for the village of 3,000 people, who can now grow extra crops and enjoy safer and more plentiful drinking water. Rainwater Harvesting Project La Lobera Bioconstruction Project The objective is to put into practice the knowledge acquired in the bioconstruction workshop given on May 14, 2022, to the coordinators of the "Nino a Nino" Program and benefit a low-income family in the community of "Lobera Peras". With the elaboration of this prototype we also seek to revive this construction technique in the communities to strengthen sustainable development. Nino a Nino Training of children is key to the success of the program with our own methodology which allows them to identify and study their real situation in their families and communities to understand critical issues and propose alternative solutions. ​ Orientation and educational programs are implemented related to cultural and artistic activities. These programs are important for children full development (Playing and learning). Therefore they can be sensible to real life situations and help them to prevent problems. ​ The programs are based on recognized methodologies for girls, boys and teen-agers in vulnerable conditions. Our goal is to improve their personal skills for a successful life. Wheelchair Donations Working with sponsors we are able to provide a wheelchair to people who suffer from a degenerative disease and do not have the necessary resources to acquire one in the regions of San Miguel Peras, Pensamiento Liberal Mexicano y San Antonio Las Casas Zoquitlán. We thank Chair The Love for their contribution of the wheelchairs.


    TRANSVERSAL COMMUNITIES PROJECT Objective: In October 2022, we initiated the “Transverse Communities Project”, which seeks to integrate the communities of San Miguel Peras, Yaxe, San Antonio las Casas and the Anáhuac neighborhood in a transdisciplinary and sustainable manner with the objective of rooting an identity for each community and at the same time share certain cultural traits that will generate economic income from what each one produces. Background: Each of the communities specializes in different arts as follows: - San Miguel Peras is a municipality that integrates 7 communities including the capital. Herbal medicine courses have been given in these communities, which has led people to start making products such as ointments, extracts, drops, soaps, and shampoos. - Yaxe municipal, rainwater harvesting systems have been installed to provide the inhabitants of this municipality with better access to this liquid. The harvested water can be used to improve the production of vegetables that can later be marketed. - The small rural nucleus of San Antonio las Casas is a community that is being integrated into the association's programs. Its inhabitants have dedicated themselves to the cultivation of the land, maguey production and harvesting. We have discovered that Pochote cotton can be transformed into a pillow and some other products such as paper with natural fibers. There is also the possibility of starting a reforestation program for the cactus that produces pitahayas. - Colonia Anáhuac belongs to the municipality of Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán in the central valleys of the state. It is a colony founded by people who migrated from different communities to the city. In the three foreign communities there is a common activity: the embroidery of cloth napkins. Each community has its own artisan touch. Project Description Consolidate productive activities in the communities of San Miguel Peras and Yaxe, product of the programs that have been implemented and promote potential productive activities in the community of San Antonio las Casas such as: the promotion of the cultivation of maguey to produce mezcal, elaboration of labels, creation of a logo and brand of mezcal, teaching a basic sewing workshop and textile painting workshop so that the beneficiaries of the community learn to make pillows that would be filled with pochote cotton and the embroidery of napkins, making cloth bags for shampoo, soaps and ointments that are made in the communities of San Miguel Peras. Promote reading and writing through storytelling workshops, and workshops on puppet theater through which legends and traditions can be revived and a culture of healthy eating and prevention can be fostered in children. In Colonia Anáhuac, teach sewing and textile painting courses to promote the productive activity of the beneficiaries. Create the Online Store as a platform for the promotion and sale of the products that each community elaborates and that have the characteristic of sustainability, the promotion of employment and the exchange between communities. With water harvesting systems, the producers of Yaxe will be able to promote their vegetables and, by embroidering napkins, they will also be able to make blouses with handmade designs. The Community of Las Casas will offer pillows, and most likely other bedding products such as sheets, pillowcases, bathroom furniture folders, etc. They may even be given a textile painting workshop to decorate the pieces they make from what they have learned in the sewing workshop. In the community of the houses they have begun to make alebrijes, a product of cultural syncretism. The alebrije technique is very versatile and different products can be made, both decorative and utilitarian.

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